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VAF Industries manufactures a variety of lineman pole climbing safety products that are specifically designed to help solve problems for the utility industry. We pride ourselves on being the company that you can rely on when you need specialized lineman pole climbing safety products in a timely manner. We will always do our best to respond to your product needs with an innovative and cost effective solution. VAF Industries is an American Company with global capabilities. All of our manufacturing (both here and abroad), adhere to the highest standards including pre and post fabrication testing for strength, metallurgical consistency and uniformity.

Our desire to constantly improve products and create new ones shows our commitment to the long-term stability of VAF Industries. Our Utility Pole Climbing Steps with Built-in Fall Arrest Loop is one example of our desire to build a better product. It is not only innovative (and patent pending), it solves the OSHA requirements covering fall protection and strength. Our Removable Climbing steps for Steel and/or Composite Poles are a state-of- the-art, cutting edge advancement to the existing Removable Step Systems. These are just two examples of our ability to help solve problems with new and creative ideas. Check out our lineman pole line hardware steps & safety products below!

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VAF Lineman Tower Step with Fall Arrest Loop

Tower Step with Fall Arrest Loop

1005A-58= 5/8”
1005A-34= 3/4"
1005A-10= 1"

Lineman Pole Line Hardware Torque Limiting Nut

Torque Limiting Nut

#TLN-58 5/8"
#TLN-34 3/4"

Lineman Pole Line Hardware Tamper Resistant Security Nut

Tamper Resistant Security Nut

#SN12 1/2"
#SN58 5/8"
#SN78 7/8"

Lineman Pole Line Hardware Sidewalk Anchor Plate

Sidewalk Anchor Plate

#SAP18 - Sidewalk Anchor Plate Part
#EC-1 - End Cap Part

Lineman Pole Line Hardware Stainless Steel Anchors

Stainless Steel Anchors

#A1018 - 18” Diameter Plate with 10’ Rod
#A1022 - 22” Diameter Plate with 10’ Rod

Pole Line Hardware Pole Base Safety Cap

Pole Base Safety Cap

2.5” Standard Pole base safety cap SC205
2.5” Medium Micro-­Pile pole base safety cap with washer SC207W
2.75” Large Micro­-Pile pole base safety cap SC275

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