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VAF Industries is a proud, woman-owned, family business founded in 2011. Our company is built on the vision of producing innovative, state-of-the-art products that are affordable for the utility industry, field-tested, and third party certified.

VAF Industries began in the utility industry, starting as a subcontractor working for a large Southern California Power company. There, we were fortunate enough to work in the field with the other line crews, giving us exclusive insight into some of the issues that the utility industry was dealing with on a daily basis. One of the first problems we discovered was that they were having to constantly replace guy wire anchors due to corrosion. In an attempt to solve this issue, VAF Industries designed a solid Stainless Steel Anchor system to protect the anchor from virtually all soil conditions. This is now the standard for all transmission anchors installed by this utility company.

This is just one example of how VAF Industries is developing state-of-the-art, innovative safety equipment in order to help solve problems in the utility industry, and also to promote safety to workers and linemen in the workforce.

Lineman Pole Line Hardware Tamper Resistant Security Nut

Tamper Resistant Security Nut

#SN12 1/2"
#SN58 5/8"
#SN78 7/8"

Pole Line Hardware Pole Base Safety Cap

Pole Base Safety Cap

2.5” Standard Pole base safety cap SC205
2.5” Medium Micro-­Pile pole base safety cap with washer SC207W
2.75” Large Micro­-Pile pole base safety cap SC275

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