VAF Industries, LLC designs and manufactures some of the most innovative and trustworthy pole line hardware in the industry. From guying anchors to crossarm hardware and everything in between, VAF can meet your needs.


      Our combination Climbing Steps with built-in Fall Arrest Loop are some of the most innovative products of their kind available today. Made out of Stainless Steel or Aluminum, the wide body step with a standing platform and non-slip nodules make our system one of the safest, easiest to use and a very practical way to solve your Fall Protection Requirements.

      Our Fall Arrest Step Attachments are a safe and cost effective way of upgrading your existing pole and tower steps to meet the OSHA Fall Protection Requirements.

      What clients say

      "As a Transmission Superintendent at SDG&E, I used to spend a great deal of time digging up anchors to see if they were degrading. Now that we have switched to Stainless Steel Anchors for our guy wires, I don’t even have to worry about them anymore!"

      John Hotta
      Transmission Superintendent

      "Working with VAF Industries is easy and the people are nice and very helpful. It is nice to make suggestions on how they can improve their product and they listen and try it out and then they let you know if it works or not and they always explain their findings in a way that all can understand."

      Mike Forchette

      "VAF turns good ideas into products, which promotes innovation in the powerline industry."

      Kurt Warner

      “The steps from VAF Industries have given us a realistic alternative to ladders to allow us to climb remote steel poles with no vehicle access. Their easy installation and compact size allow them to be carried in a backpack to the site.”

      Joe Havens
      NorthWestern Energy

      About Us

      VAF Industries is a woman owned (WBE#15060226) family business that was founded in 2011 with the vision of producing innovative products that are field tested, third party certified and affordable for the utility industry.

      We got our start in the utility industry as a subcontractor working for a large Southern California Power company where we were fortunate enough to work in the field with the line crews. This gave us special insight into some of the issues and needs that they were dealing with on a daily basis. As an example, one of the first problems we found they were having was the constant replacement of guy wire anchors due to corrosion. In an effort to solve this problem, we designed a solid Stainless Steel Anchor system. Our Stainless Steel system protects the anchor (and Rod) from virtually all soil conditions and the circular base plate provides over 20% more surface area than the standard “cross plate” design. This is now the standard for all transmission anchors installed by this utility company.

      Reach out to one of our team members to see how we can help you.

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