Pole Line Hardware

VAF Industries is a proud, Certified Woman-Owned Business. We offer a full line of Pole Line Hardware including Cut-Out Brackets, Cut-Out Arrester Brackets, Ladder Clips, Torque Limiting Nuts, Sidewalk Anchor Plates and more. VAF Industries is dedicated to providing high-quality service in both our work performance and our customer service. What sets us apart from our competitors in the utility industry? VAF Industries supplies high-quality products that other companies may ignore. We also offer safety parts and assembly per our customers’ requests. We understand the importance of a company’s safety and work performance. Our team will work endlessly to provide exactly what our customers need, with the safety of their workers in mind.

Lineman Pole Line Hardware Torque Limiting Nut

Torque Limiting Nut

#TLN-58 5/8"
#TLN-34 3/4"

Lineman Pole Line Hardware Tamper Resistant Security Nut

Tamper Resistant Security Nut

#SN12 1/2"
#SN58 5/8"
#SN78 7/8"

Lineman Pole Line Hardware Sidewalk Anchor Plate

Sidewalk Anchor Plate

#SAP18 - Sidewalk Anchor Plate Part
#EC-1 - End Cap Part

Lineman Pole Line Hardware Stainless Steel Anchors

Stainless Steel Anchors

#A1018 - 18” Diameter Plate with 10’ Rod
#A1022 - 22” Diameter Plate with 10’ Rod

Lineman Pole Line Hardware Pole Top Mounting Brackets

Pole Top Mounting Brackets

#PT60d ­Distribution
#PT61t ­ Transmission

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