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555 Country Club Ln. #C-229, Escondido Ca. 92026

Buzzy Sailer

Vice President

(o) 760-214-5405 ext. 2

Buzzy has over 30 years in the Construction Industry including 18 years as Owner of San Diego Grading and over 7 years of subcontract work for large Southern California Utility Company working on numerous Transmission projects. Working closely with the men in the field and hearing their complaints about their current products and needs is where he started developing custom items such as the Insulator stretcher, stainless steel anchors, aerial tool baskets, AV pole top brackets and tamper resistant security nuts. He continues to help guide the product development with innovative concepts to meet the ever changing needs of the utility industry.

Mark Solz

Director of Sales & Marketing

(o) 760-214-5405 ext. 4

Over 20 years in the Construction Industry as an Estimator and Salesman. Mark made a successful transition into the Oil and Gas Industry and as Director of Business Development helped a Process Safety Consulting firm become one of the nations top firms. His experience and winning attitude are sure to help in his transition into the Utility Industry.