Stainless Steel Anchors – Part #A1022 & #A1018


PART NUMBERS: 18” Diameter Plate with 10’ Rod ­ A1018 | 22” Diameter Plate with 10’ Rod ­ A1022

The stainless steel anchors were created to protect against the corrosive influences of virtually all soil conditions. Because the entire buried system is made of high strength stainless steel, there is no opportunity for differential breakdown thus providing greater lifespans than traditional anchor systems. In addition, the circular design provides over 20% more surface area than the standard “cross plate” design. Our anchors have been tested (and approved) to withstand a proof load in excess of 36,000 pounds.


302 Stainless Steel

Greater Surface Area for Plate

Corrosive Resistant

Resists Decay from Salt in winter conditions

Strength tested to 36,000 lbs